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AUHF ACtivities

Information Collection and dissemination

The AUHF keeps its members and the affordable housing sector in Africa informed. The housing finance environment has expanded, calling for broader and more sophisticated responses. The regulatory and policy environment remains a challenge in most countries in Africa with governments not adequately addressing low income housing as is evidenced in informal and inadequate housing conditions across the continent.

Poverty and inequality persist, exacerbated by low economic growth in most African countries, changing markets, local conflicts and war, poor leadership, competing development requirements, limited resources, disease, and natural disasters linked to climate change. Each context calls for different responses and local understanding so that opportunities for action are created. This requires analysis and dedicated capacity.

AUHF Information Collection and Dissemination

The AUHF has partnered with CAHF as the leading housing finance research and housing finance data analysts on the Continent to provide support in this activity. Short executive summaries and Fact Sheets of CAHF’s work is packaged for AUHF members to use as advocacy content. The AUHF shares information through its website and:

  • Monthly AUHF newsletters (also available in French since 2017),
  • A regular article in Housing Finance International, the journal of the International Union for Housing Finance;
  • AUHF presentations at Conferences;
  • AUHF Social Media and;
  • Annual CAHF Housing Finance Yearbook
  • discussions in the different African regions.

AUHF Newsletters

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