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AUHF ACtivities

Lobbying and Advocacy

As a representative body mandated by its members, the AUHF is a key focal point for engagement with Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), governments and other sector-support bodies and initiatives at the local, national and regional and international levels. Every year at its AGM, the AUHF agrees on a Declaration as an output of its Annual Conference. This Declaration sets the agenda for its members, as well as the AUHF itself, for engaging with bodies governments and multilateral bodies on matters of interest and concern to members.

Part of the AUHF’s lobbying and advocacy strategy is to build a Community of Practice of Housing Finance Practitioners on the Continent so that the lobbying and advocacy agenda of the AUHF can be extended

The AUHF has a Lobbying and Advocacy Committee as part of its governance structure. This committee meets twice a year to discuss and take forward the AUHF Lobbying Agenda, as well as any other issues raised by members during the course of the year.

Lobbying and Advocacy

As part of the lobbying and advocacy agenda for the AUHF, the Board, Secretariat and members themselves actively engage governments and regional bodies in the pursuit of policy, regulatory, and other interventions that support the growth of affordable housing markets. This is done through:

  • Annual Declarations agreed by members at the AUHF Annual General meeting
  • Lobbying position papers and Fact Sheets based on CAHF produced research and data for CAHF priority countries.
  • Country fact sheets
  • Support for AUHF members to drive their in-country lobbying agenda through access to housing information and data.
  • Engagement with members on issues raised through the production of country profiles for the CAHF Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook.
  • Discussions with relevant Government Departments with AUHF members.
  • Engagements with Regional Bodies and Development Finance Institutions on behalf of the AUHF.