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About Wilfred Ouedraogo

Wilfred Ouedraogo studied Finance and Marketing at Laval University and began his career in banking as a Financial Advisor. His passion for real estate and mortgage turned him into the role of mortgage specialist in three financial institutions that enjoy an excellent reputation in Canada.

Because the world of mortgage financing is constantly changing at a phenomenal rate, Mr Ouedraogo has always been captivated by the need to find conducive and personalized solutions for his clients. This led him to mortgage brokerage in order to bring a more dimension to his quest for solutions for his clients.

Wilfred Ouedraogo has fifteen years of experience in residential mortgage credit and has developed many partnerships over the years with various real estate professionals (real estate brokers, notaries, appraisers, insurers). His experience in the industry allows him to support each client in the success of their financing projects with a simple, professional and personalized approach.

The knowledge he has accumulated over time has allowed him to popularize the financing jargon, which can be complex at times, in order to facilitate the understanding and assimilation of the financing methods offered. Mr Ouedraogo’s desire is to create partnerships with banks in Africa in order to facilitate access to real estate credit, whether for local customers or those of the diaspora.




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