Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Ltd


To become the preferred secondary market intermediate for mortgage financing in Tanzania.


To expand home ownership in Tanzania by providing long term financing to primary mortgage lenders.

About Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Ltd

Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited (TMRC) is a private sector institution owned by the banks with sole purpose of supporting banks to do mortgage lending by refinancing banks’ mortgage portfolios.

TMRC is now fully operational having refinanced Azania Bank Ltd to the tune of TZS 4.2 billion. TMRC was founded by five shareholders with no single shareholder owning more than 33 per cent of the equity, minimum equity subscription is TZS 500m.


World Bank

Bank of Tanzania (BOT)

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development

Watumishi Housing Company

Pension Funds

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