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The Pan-African platform for efficient delivery of affordable housing and other related services in Africa.

A market leader that identifies, finances and implements housing and related urban infrastructure projects to achieve our goal of housing for all.

About Shelter Afrique
Shelter Afrique is a pan African Housing Finance institution that offers housing finance coupled with practical advice and assistance to developers and housing finance institutions in efforts to promote development of both residential and commercial housing development in Africa. Shelter Afrique has been in the business since 1984 and therefore boasts of a huge reservoir of experience gathered over the years in the development of housing in 43 member countries across the continent.

The company has predominantly been offering debt financing in form of Project Loans to developers and Lines of Credit to other financial intermediaries that provide mortgages to the end-users. The company is also involved in equity financing. This allows the company to identify various developers for possible housing development joint ventures or buy stake in housing development vehicles such as financial institutions that seek to promote housing in the continent.

The products and services offered by Shelter Afrique include:

  • Construction Finance.
  • Lines of Credit to financial institutions.
  • Trade Finance.
  • Equity Finance/ Joint Ventures.