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About Elizabeth Mutasa

Elizabeth Mutasa is the Founding Director of Elyope Global, and co-creates accessible and inclusive built environments through collaboration with planners, architects, designers, engineers, developers, builders, and users. She believes that there is a there is a supply and demand issue for liveable and accessible houses. Elyope position housing at the centre of inclusive urban development, which is in line with Goal 11 of the UN Sustainability Goals.

Elizabeth Mutasa comes from a background of addressing key accessibility issues in the sectors of Disability, Aged Care, Mental Health as they relate to Commercial Premises, Social Services, and Housing. Her intrinsic understanding of how the human body functions in space means that she can identify problem areas faced by a wider audience. She has worked with people ranging from 10 to 100 years of age, people with different abilities, needs and varied physical, cognitive, perceptual, and neurological presentations.



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