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AUHF ACtivities

Networking and Investment Support

The housing finance environment has expanded, calling for broader and more sophisticated responses. There is also real urgency to this work in the light of existing backlogs, growing population numbers and increasing urbanisation rates throughout Africa. The AUHF’s breadth of membership, with financiers, producers of housing, investors, technology companies and NGOs, provides individual members an excellent oportunity for networking and exchange. 

As a Union, the AUHF also provides a useful point of contact for the investment sector, exposing its members to the interests of capital. Over the course of the year, the AUHF Secretariat creates multiple opportunities for networking and engagement, whether through its annual conference that has a global reach, or through various regional or country-level meetings.

Networking and Investment Support

The main networking event is the AUHF Annual Conference, which the AUHF hosts at the end of each year in a member country. Now in its 37th year, the conference has come to be known as the premier conference on affordable housng investment in Africa. Open to the public, and with discounted participation for members, delegates come from all over the world.

The AUHF provides its members with the opportunities to network with one another, share information and build capacity towards improved hosuing finance systems in Africa. Through the delivery of conferences, seminars, workshops, member exchanges and discussions around member needs, members can connect and leverage their relationships towards their own growth and development

Networking and Investment support opportunities include:

AUHF members seeking investments can profile their investment needs on the AUHF website through their member profiles, which the Secretariat then promotes in its engagement with investors.