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About TUHF

At TUHF Limited, we are passionate about spotting and unearthing potential. In declining areas, we see thriving property markets. In run-down buildings, we see the potential for families to live in a safe and secure environment. In people, we see the entrepreneurial capability to create well-run businesses, providing employment and multiplying our economy.

TUHF provides access to finance for entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, to purchase, and subsequently convert or refurbish buildings in the inner cities of South Africa to affordable residential units available for rental.

TUHF also provide support, guidance and risk management for new entrepreneurs. In 13 years of operation, TUHF has financed over ZAR4 billion in inner city residential rental property. This is not to mention the hundreds of successful property entrepreneurs who are now running sustainable residential rental businesses, providing affordable and decent living spaces in our inner cities.



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