National Building Society

To be the leading provider of affordable housing in Zimbabwe

Mission statement
Our purpose is to improve the living standards of our clients through the provision of affordable housing. We will continually adapt to the changing circumstances of our clients and offer financial services that meet their needs, through professional and dedicated staff.

About National Building Society Limited (NBS)

National Building Society Limited (NBS) was granted a building society license by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on the 11th of  September 2015, in terms of the Building Societies Act [Chapter 24:02]. The main purpose and reason for the existence of NBS is:

  1. To provide access to affordable housing to the general public; and
  2. To facilitate and contribute to housing delivery in Zimbabwe.

In doing the above, NBS aims to:

  1. Provide one stop financial services to clients inclusive of loans, deposits and transactional banking;
  2. Provide finance for fixed assets (land and buildings, including improvements), particularly low cost housing finance;
  3. Expand financial inclusion in Zimbabwe; and
  4. To be a profitable institution.

Although NBS will provide a whole range of products to the market, the core business activity is to provide finance for low cost housing and to contribute to the housing stock in Zimbabwe.

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