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About Development Workshop Namibia (DWN)

DWN is a registered Namibian NGO with a focus on sustainable urban development, informal settlements, and the disadvantaged communities that reside in them. DWN works through partnership agreements with local authorities and in support of national development goals. Our four main programs are:

  1. Housing for All: for the provision of low-cost residential land for housing
  2. Play for All: an ECD programme with focus on informal settlements
  3. Urban Sanitation: using a Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach
  4. Urban infrastructure: implementing bulk infrastructure projects that benefit the urban poor

Our vision is to contribute to sustainable urban development and reduced urban poverty in Southern Africa.

  • We aim to achieve our visionby implementing effective and efficient programmes that are results oriented and focus on key development challenges.
  • We believe that scale is importantin order to improve the lives of as many people as possible. We are therefore expanding our programmes across Southern Africa.
  • A social enterprise approachunderpins our growth and financing strategy: we use grants to develop the programmes and to expand to new towns, and we generate our own income to provide long-term sustainability.


In Namibia, our headquarters are in Windhoek, with 7 local offices in different regions of the country. We have also recently opened an office in Switzerland for fundraising and networking, and registered Development Workshop Zambia with the aim to develop similar programmes as in Namibia.


Empowa | Whiteboard Introduction

Our introduction to the Empowa platform, that will use NFTs on the Cardano blockchain to provide an innovative property funding mechanism for communities in Africa currently excluded from traditional financial services.

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Empowa – The first RealFi (DeFi) property platform on Cardano that combines emerging technology, sustainable building and decentralised financial inclusion.

Build a better future through the Empowa Platform.
Enabling the building of affordable and greener houses in Africa. Through decentralised end user finance. Creating prosperity through property

Build a better future portfolio by supporting real on-the-ground financed housing projects with a solid base and an interesting beneficial return.



Video Playlist
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Glen&#039s panel discussion at the World Bank&#039s 9th Global Affordable Housing Conference
Glen's panel discussion at the World Bank's 9th Global Affordable Housing Conference
Introducing The Affordable Housing Company (TAHCo) w/ Femi Adewole and Olu Olanrewaju
Introducing The Affordable Housing Company (TAHCo) w/ Femi Adewole and Olu Olanrewaju
AUHF Coffee Session with Glen Jordan, Founder and CEO of Empower
AUHF Coffee Session with Glen Jordan, Founder and CEO of Empower


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