The AUHF publishes a newsletter, ‘Financing Housing in Africa’ for its members every month. The newsletter covers: a broad range of housing news on the African continent; a profile of an AUHF member; a profile of a non-AUHF member who is a player in the field of housing finance; a report review and; a graph on trends in the housing and housing finance space. The newsletter also markets housing finance related events, workshops and courses. Subscription to this publication is free. Click here to subscribe to AUHF’s mailing list.

02 February 2011
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Financing Housing in Africa_ Feb 2011

In this issue of Financing Housing in Africa, in which the main story is that …

01 January 2011
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Financing Housing in Africa_ Jan 2011

This is the first edition of the AUHF monthly newsletter, Financing Housing in Africa. The …