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Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation


The corporate Vision at the SSHFC is to be the leading institution in terms of financial management, organization efficiency,operational effectiveness and Customer Service delivery.Beside it is SSHFC’s Vision to be the best in comparison to similar sub-regional, regional and worldwide institutions.


The corporate mission is to provide adequate social protection for workers, facilitate social shelter delivery on a sustainable basis and invest funds of the Corporation to achieve optimum returns possible and contribute meaningfully towards the socio-economic development of the Gambia.

About SSHFC 

”The social security and housing finance corporation assures the Gambian populace a guaranteed social security future’.

Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) is one of the leading financial institutions in the Gambia. It aims to provide adequate social protection for workers, to facilitate social shelter delivery on a sustainable basis, and it invests its funds to achieve optimum returns in order to contribute meaningfully towards the socio-economic development of the Gambia.

The corporation was formed in 1982 and currently operates four constituent funds: the Federate Pension Fund, the National Provident Fund, the Injuries Compensation Fund and the Housing Finance Fund. The first three funds constitute the Social Security Scheme and are financially backed by management expertise to make a meaningful investment partner in joint ventures. The Housing Finance Fund then falls under the Housing Finance Scheme which has ample experience gained from previous projects completed.

SSHFC’s has the following vision:

‘To be a leading institution in financial management, organisational efficiency, operational effectiveness and customer service delivery’.

The Housing Finance Fund

The SSHFC hopes to provide shelter to Gambians living in the country and abroad. They aim to achieve this through several project phases of housing at various locations in the country. This goal will link to the broader plans to extend housing services to the growth centres in different areas of the country.

The Housing Finance Fund, like the social security scheme funds, was established as a consequence of the SSHFC Act 1981, which mandates the corporation to finance, develop and administer housing projects either alone or in partnership with other agencies. The Act was one of a series of actions by the Gambian government to address the problems caused by rapid urban growth.

The fund has successfully implemented two housing schemes: Bakoteh Housing Estate and, the Kanifing East Site and Services Project. The Bakoteh project provided 200 housing units of two and three bedroom houses. These houses were allocated to Gambians under a mortgage arrangement of 25 years. The period of arrangement which started in 1985 has, however, elapsed. The Kanifing Project, which consisted of 754 properties also offered a mortgage arrangement of 25 years.

Brusubi Housing Project

A third housing project, Brusubi Housing Project involves three phases and promises to deliver close to 3000 housing units. This project site has a total area of 6.9 hectares and is covered by the lease for Brusubi Housing Project phase 1. The project comprises 138 service plots, of which 100 plots are to consist of complete housing units for outright purchase or purchase by beneficiaries on a four year mortgage arrangement.  The remaining 38 service plots are to be sold by tender to mobilize resources to meet additional infrastructural and other costs.  The complete housing units are to consist of 3 bedroom bungalows and two storey houses.

Application procedure

  • Serviced Plots: interested bidders for the serviced plots need to buy tender forms, complete them and forward them to the managing director at SSHFC before the deadline for submission of tenders.
  • Complete Houses: those interested in buying a complete house are required to buy standard application forms and submit them to the managing director at SSHFC before the closing date.

Land Banking

SSHFC does land banking across the country, as part of its strategy to decentralise its operations. SSHFC does this in an effort to close the gap in housing and enable those with low incomes to access housing.

SSHFC Housing projects benefit not only the home owners but also, the satellite communities around those areas because the corporation also provides essential amenities and infrastructure (roads, electricity and water) in the areas where their projects are based.

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