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National Housing Corporation Kenya


 Sustainable and decent housing for Kenyans


To efficiently provide and facilitate access to innovative housing solutions

About NHC

The National Housing Corporation (NHC)¬† is a statutory body established by an act of parliament Cap. 117 as was amended in 1967. The primary mandate of NHC is to play a principal role in the implementation of the Government’s Housing Policies and Programmes. The NHC has its origins in 1953 when the colonial government of Kenya created a Central Housing Board through the housing ordinance. The Board was the principal medium through which the colonial government could promote the development of houses for Africans. The Corporation was mandated to continue the functions of the board, with wider powers to promote low cost houses, stimulate the building industry and, encourage and assist housing research. The NHC became the main agency, through which public funds for low cost housing could be channelled to Local Authorities, and for providing technical assistance needed by those authorities in the design and implementation of their housing schemes.

The Corporation has assisted Wananchi and Local Authorities in building decent affordable houses, through its various schemes such as: Tenant Purchase, Outright Sale, Rural and Peri-Urban Housing Loans and, Rental Housing.

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