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National Housing Corporation Tanzania


To be a leading Real Estate Development and Management firm.


To provide and facilitate the provision of quality housing and other buildings for use by the general public while operating on sound commercial principles.

About NHC

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) is the outcome of the decision by the government to dissolve the Register of Building (RoB), through Act of  Parliament no. 2 of 1990 which vested its responsibilities with the NHC. The NHC is under the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Settlements Development. The day to day management of NHC’s business is overseen by the Director General who is responsible to the Board of Directors. Effective from July 1994, the Corpration’s portfolios have been divided into income centres which are income generating and self sustaining directorates and cost centres which play a supportive role.

This role mandates the NHC to undertake an array of business:

  • Construction of houses for sale
  • Construction of buildings as part of approved scheme
  • Provision of facilitating the provision of building materials, components, contrete article and other related articles
  • Business of building contractors, planners or consultants
  • Renting out or managing houses or properties built by the corporation and those acquired by the government
  • Carrying out other activities related to construction of houses or other buildings built or acquired by the corporation.

Visit the National Housing Corporation website for more on the corporation.