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Home Guarantors Finance Africa Reinsurance (HGFARe)

About HGFARe

Home Guarantors Finance Africa Reinsurance (HGFARe) is a South African non-profit company, created in 1989 under Section 21 of the Companies Act.

• It was created in response to the reluctance of the financial sector to lend to a perceived high risk housing market.

• Originally established with a combination of grant and loan funding, they have repaid all loans and have a substantial free-standing capital base.

• It has AA+ ratings from both Fitch Ratings Limited, through their London office. HGFARe has a subsidiary insurer, Home Guarantors Finance Africa Reinsurance, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

• Through its insurance licence, the company is regulated by the Financial Services Board, and significantly exceeds its solvency ratio requirements.

• HGFARe operates successfully in more than 705 localities nationally across all cultures, languages and levels of literacy.

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