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First National Bank Ghana

First National Bank Ghana, is a commercial bank in Ghana. It received a Universal banking license from the Bank of Ghana during the second half of 2015. It opened its first branch in Accra that same year. Beginning as a new greenfield operation, the bank plans to grow organically, with emphasis on digital applications, but mindful of the Ghanaian customers’ desire for personal contact.[1]

First National Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of First National Bank South Africa, which is the retail banking arm of FirstRand Group, a large financial services conglomerate, headquartered in South Africa and whose shares are listed on the JSE Limited, where they trade under the symbol: FSR

In May 2020, after regulatory approval from the Reserve Bank of South Africa and the Bank of Ghana, as well as consent from the shareholders of both banks, FNB Ghana acquired 100 percent the shares of Ghana Home Loan Bank. As of 15 May 2020, the process to merge the operations of the two banks were underway.

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