Investing in the SDGs: Finding a market opportunity in affordable housing”

2nd to the 6th of  November 2020.

While housing is explicitly articulated in Target 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is a key component of sustainable development across all of the goals. Good housing drives access to basic services, contributes towards inclusive growth, and supports the development of a sustainable future, with a direct impact on the factors that contribute or mediate the effects of climate change. Investment in affordable housing will therefore have a profound and direct impact on at least 14 of the SDGs.

As Africa drives its housing agenda forward, the AUHF Virtual Conference will provide an agenda for debate that promotes market growth and opportunities in green development, infrastructure building, services, job and inclusive economic growth.

This year’s African Union for Housing Finance Conference will be under the theme, “Investing in the SDGs: Finding a market opportunity in affordable housing”  the virtual Conference will be held online and will feature 5-days of premium content and networking, as well as an interactive virtual expo.  The conference is  growing every year in size, content and reputation.  This year, through the partnership with the API, the conference  will reflect content and experiences from across the world, and is expected to draw in a much wider international profile of delegates.


The virtual conference will be held from  2nd to the 6th of  November 2020.

The conference will be bilingual with sessions offered in French and English and simultaneous translation.  

  • Virtual networking platform
  • 5-day conference
  • Keynote addresses
  • Live and on demand sessions
  • In-depth case studies
  • Virtual Housing Development Site Tour
  • Virtual booths


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