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Vision and Mission

Our vision is a multinational housing development franchise that builds builders of inclusive and sustainable homes for low and middle-income families.

About Échale International

Echale International is an inclusive and sustainable housing development franchise with a 25-year track record of success in Mexico that is currently expanding to countries in Africa to address the 50 million unit housing shortage.

Echale has been operating in Mexico for 25 years and has built more than 50,000 homes, improved another 200,000, and created 450,000 jobs in 27 states. We are using a franchise structure to expand to Africa where we anticipate building at least 20,000 homes in 3 EA countries in the next ten years. We launched our operation in Uganda in July 2023.

Products and Services we offer:

  • We provide our patented machine and training that enables local developers to produce low cost, grade A, green building materials.
  • We build the capacity of local developers and construction workforce to build durable houses that meet international quality standards.
  • We provide low-cost home designs and processes for customization and expansion.
  • We provide home maintenance and improvement services


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