Housing and Africa’s Growth Agenda

Main Artwork 02 Small - Copy In Nigeria alone, a backlog of an estimated 17 million units suggests that housing construction will be at the forefront of that country's economy for some time.  Already, Nigeria's real estate sector is one of the main, non-oil sector contributors to the country's rebased GDP, contributing 11 percent by 2014.  Given the projected demand, it is estimated that the N6.5 trillion market will grow at an average of ten percent over the next few years.  Of course, affordability remains a key constraint, combined with a host of other issues concerning land, cost of funds and the overall enabling environment.  Despite these, the opportunities for significant returns on housing investment, while also meeting a fundamental social need, are tremendous. At Nigeria's current mortgage rates, a simple $20,000 house could be affordable to about 16% of the urban population, or about 3 million urban households.

Bring the house price down to $15,000 and an estimated 35% of Nigeria's urban population could afford to buy housing with a mortgage - this is in the region of 6.6 million households, and could create $99 trillion in investment and upwards of 4 million jobs.  What are the opportunities and how might these be captured to support Africa's growth agenda going forward? This is the focus of this year's annual conference of the African Union for Housing Finance.

Taking place in Abuja, Nigeria, from 14-16 September, the conference is structured around key themes ranging from the potential of public-private partnerships to unlocking hidden potentials, to the challenges of funding the mortgage portfolio, the opportunities to be found in rental housing and housing microfinance, and the strategies to address the challenge of affordability.  With an agenda structured around presentations in plenary and panel discussions, as well as a housing marketplace to support focused conversations between investors and projects, the conference will attract stakeholders from across the continent, all with the express purpose of furthering investment in affordable housing.

Key Sessions:
  • Session 1: Public Private Partnerships to Enable Growth in Affordable Housing Delivery
  • Session 2: Growing Africa’s Mortgage Markets
  • Session 3: Harnessing Opportunities on the Demand Side
  • Session 4: Growing the Capacity of Housing Microfinance
  • Session 5: Priming the Housing Sector to Foster Greater Growth

The 32nd Annual Conference of the African Union for Housing Finance offers stakeholders a platform for discussing and sharing experiences, and deliberating towards innovative interventions to support the growth of Africa's economies through the development of a vibrant housing sector.  Offered by an industry body with an explicit mandate to support the growth of Africa’s housing finance sector, the conference will realise actionable recommendations that will transform the housing landscape and create new opportunities across the continent. Download Abuja Declaration on Housing Finance
Welcome Noteby Prof. Charles Inyangete | Nigeria Mortgage Refinance CompanyDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Public Sector Keynote | Housing and Africa’s Growth Agendaby Representative of the Honourable Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN | Ministry of Power, Works and HousingDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Private Sector Keynote | Housing and Housing Finance in Africa: 
Engine for Economic Growthby Thierno-Habib Hann | International Finance CorporationDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Housing and Africa’s Growth Agenda: Increase Financial Investment in Housing and Accelerate African Developmentby Chi Jianxin | China Africa Development FundDownload this Speaker's Presentation
New Urban Agendaby Prof. Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka | UN-HabitatDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Public Private Partnerships for Affordable Housingby Richard Martin | World BankDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Building National Housing and Housing Finance Markets in Africa: A Holistic Approachby Michael Bookstaber | Global Housing StrategiesDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Key Challenges in Funding the Mortgage Portfolio in Nigeriaby Dr. Femi Johnson | Mortgage Banking Association of NigeriaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Role of Pension Funds in Mortgage Financeby Kojo Addo-Kufuor | Ghana Home LoansDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Funding Housing in the Bond Marketby James Doree | Lion's Head Global PartnersDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Overcoming Challenges to Housing Affordability: The Fuller Experienceby Samuel Odia | The Millard Fuller FoundationDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Financing for Resilient and Green Urban Global Solutions: Katsina City-Level Studyby Simon GusahDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Rental Housing: Addressing the Challenges of Delivery in Nigeriaby Ben Okuzu | BP PartnersDownload this Speaker's Presentation
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Basic House? Results of a 16-Country Studyby Olivia Caldwell | Affordable Housing InstituteDownload this Speaker's Presentation
YoMane: It's Your Moneyby Lea Charlene | YoManeDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Private Capital Perspectives to Funding Housing for Low and Middle Income Earners in Nigeriaby Roland Igbinoba | FHA Mortgage BankDownload this Speaker's Presentation
The Challenge of Housing Affordability in Nigeriaby Surv. (Rev.) Ugochukwu Chime | Real Estate Developers Association of NigeriaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Quantifying the Role of Housing in African Economies: Establishing a Methodologyby David Gardner | Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in AfricaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Scaling Up Housing Microfinance: The Case of KWFT, Mibanco and Selectby Ruth Odera | Habitat for Humanity International and Select AfricaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
How to Bring Capital to Africa?: Investor Perspectiveby Dr. Friedemann Roy | International Finance CorporationDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Partnering with microfinance to deliver affordable housing: takeaways from LafargeHolcim’s experience in Africa.by Anne-Laure Denis & Aurelien Boyer | LafargeHolcimDownload this Speaker's Presentation

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