2011 Annual Conference

Building Africa: Maximising the Opportunities in Housing Finance in Africa

7-9 September 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa


As a tool for building effective demand for housing, housing finance arises out of the interplay between the housing market and the financial market. The housing market includes the supply of housing (whether for ownership or rental) in both the primary and resale markets, and this depends on the availability of land and infrastructure for housing development, suitable urban housing policies, functioning property markets and, in the case of mortgage markets specifically, a functioning deeds registry. The ability to provide housing finance is determined by the financial market and how it operates within the broader, macroeconomic framework of a country or region, the risk management practices and requirements that prevail, various balance sheet constraints (influenced by both national and international fiscal policy, as well as by bank strategy), functioning property markets and foreclosure potential, investor interest and competing asset classes, and market infrastructure (Walley, 2011). Together, these factors create the environment in which housing finance can be offered, and this in turn creates the effective demand for housing which itself drives the housing market and frames, in part, the housing interests of the financial market.

As Africa sits poised for economic growth, how can the these ingredients be orchestrated to facilitate growth in the housing finance market, and what can housing finance practitioners do strengthen their position? These questions frame the agenda of the annual conference of the African Union for Housing Finance. The AUHF Annual Conference will bring together investors, banks, development finance institutions, pension funds, housing development companies, and other housing sector practitioners to consider the opportunities for housing finance markets in Africa.Taking place in Sandton, South Africa, from 6-9 September 2011, the AUHF Conference will explore the ingredients for growth in housing finance in Africa, and will identify opportunities for increased participation by housing finance sector practitioners. The Conference will be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the AUHF, where a focused programme of action will be developed so that the body can represent its members’ interests in various policy and other forums throughout the year.

Stimulating local financial investments in neighbourhood economies, infrastructure & home improvementby Bonnie Hewson- Chief Urban Finance branch, UN HabitatDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Opportunities and Challenges facing investors in Africaby Pamela Lamoreaux- International Housing SolutionsDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Key issues facing investors in Africaby Gerhard Engel- FMODownload this Speaker's Presentation
Sub Saharan Africa Capital Marketsby Konrad Ruess- S&P JohannesburgDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Financing Africa: Key issues for the Housing Finance Sectorby Samuel Maimbo- Lead financial sector specialist, Africa World BankDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Regulatory, Policy and supply issues in Housing Finance in Africaby Kecia Rust- FinMark Trust, Centre for Affordable Housing FinanceDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Grasping Opportunities: the four A's to advance housing and housing finance markets in Sub-Saharan Africaby Friedemann Roy- Senior Housing Finance Specialist, World BankDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Growth, Urbanisation and Affordabilityby Yusuf Patel- Basil ReadDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Developments in Kenyaby Frank Ireri - Housing Finance KenyaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Opportunities for the supply of affordable housingby Arnold Meyer- Renaissance PartnersDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Developments in Nigeriaby Roland Igbinoba- CEO Pison Housing CompanyDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Access to housing finance in South Africa: A review of the past 5 yearsby Illana Melzer- Eighty20Download this Speaker's Presentation
Defining access to housing finance in Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambiaby Illana Melzer- Eighty20Download this Speaker's Presentation
Borrower education: opportunities for a collaborative approachby Rosemarie Sabatino- CHF InternationalDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Shelter Afrique: offering housing finance across Africaby Bishige Kahumbya- Shelter AfriqueDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Infrastructure and Housing: the implications of islands of serviceby Michael Kihato- ConsultantDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Developments in Tanzania: the emergence and work of the Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Companyby Rished Bade- CEO at Tanzania Mortgage Refinance CompanyDownload this Speaker's Presentation
Housing Microfinance: a growing opportunity with unique partnerships to serve lower down marketby Sean O Sullivan- Select AfricaDownload this Speaker's Presentation
lHousing Microfinance: a growing opportunity with unique partnerships to serve lower down marketby Ezekiel Esipisu- Habitat for Humanity InternationalDownload this Speaker's Presentation

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