35th Annual General Meeting

The 35th  Annual General Meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa from 4 November to 6 November 2019.

The members present at this AGM included: Atenu Developments; Banking Association South Africa; Botswana Housing Corporation; CABZ; Eswatini Building Society; Eswatini National Housing Board; Family Home Funds Nigeria Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria; FSDMoc; TAF Africa Global; First National Bank – International Home Loans; Habitat for Humanity International; Haggai Mortgage Bank Limited; Home Finance Guarantors Africa Reinsurance; Nedbank, South Africa; Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company; NMB Bank Plc; Shelter Afrique; Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company; Zambia National Building Society; Property KRO; Rwanda Development Bank; Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund, Egypt Watumishi Housing Company; ZB Bank Limited (ZB Building Society).

Apologies were received from: iBuild Global; TUHF Limited; FBC Building Society; CRRH-UEMOA; International Finance Corporation; Echostone Plc; Select Africa; Home Finance Company of The Gambia Ltd.

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